Jip van der Heijden


Hello I am Jip and I will be the chair of SGS this year. I am 21 years old and finishing up my bachelors in interdisciplinary social science together with my board year. I have been an active member of SGS for three years and was very involved in all the changes the association has gone through. I was very motivated to be part of the process so here I am! I do contemporary dance at Studance in my free time, I also bake cakes and have a beer every once in a while. I’m very excited to make it a succesfull year!


You can contact me at this email address: voorzitter@sgsutrecht.nl      

Opening hours


Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 9 AM until 5 PM
Tuesday: 11 AM until 5 PM
Friday 11 AM until 3 PM
Saturday and Sunday - closed

The room is situated in Langeveld Building, E1.46.