Get a Buddy!

A new adventure will start for you when you go on exchange. But getting to know a new country, a new city and a new university might be a bit frightening. You don’t know where to get a bike, how the university library works, where to find the best bars in town and how to get around in the Netherlands. Therefore, getting a Dutch buddy to assist you is probably the smartest thing you can do. The Dutch buddies are here to help you out!

The SGS Student Association and the international organization BuddyGoDutch have a buddy program for students of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Utrecht University. The buddy program helps you to integrate in the Dutch culture and at the university, in your newly adopted city. Not only at the beginning when you have a lot of practical questions, but also later when you want to meet fellow (Dutch) students.

How it works

International students who come to study at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Utrecht University can sign up to be matched with a Dutch buddy according to their interests. Buddies are students at Utrecht University who volunteer to guide you in the Dutch way of life. For example, they can teach you some Dutch words or show you around in Utrecht or other places in the Netherlands. In addition, all kinds of activities are organized by SGS and Buddy Go Dutch for all buddies, like going to a Christmas market in Cologne or Valkenburg or visiting a city in Maastricht.

You can choose to find your buddy at the matching event. The first matching evening was held on September 17th. In February, there will be another matching event for semester two. More information on this will follow. At this event you can meet face to face with Dutch students during ‘speeddating’ in different rounds. According to your interests, you will be matched with a Dutch buddy.

How to apply

Unfortunately, signing up for semester one is not possible anymore. If you have any questions, we’re happy to help you. You can send an email to, or you can visit our room (E1.46 Langeveld building at the University).

For specific questions about your exchange program, you can contact the International Office ( ).

You can also sign up for the Buddy Master Program Social Health and Organizational Psychology by clicking this link!




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