Sabine Copal


Hi! My name is Sabine. I’m 22 years old and I will be this year’s PR-coordinator. I’m in my third year of my bachelor in Pedagogical Sciences. Last year I was in a few SGS committees, and at the end of the year I impulively decided to apply for a position on the board.
I’m a real film and serie freak. Netflix; best thing ever! Apart from that I really love music. Unfortunately I don’t play any musical instruments myself, but in my free time I love going to festivals and without even noticing, I find myself singing a lot of the time. Hopefully I’ll see you in the SGS room sometime and we can listen to music together!

You can reach me at:


The SGS-Room is closed until 20th of April


The SGS-Room is situated in Langeveldbuilding E1.46